So after a 3 day hiatus of non-posting I just came back with a resurgence of posts. I can easily explain why this happens and I’m sure you’re interested because you come to visit this blog. It’s the same concept that something to read is better than nothing to read. Visiting a blog that doesn’t get updated is such a drag of a feeling. This reason occurs because I’m usually drinking when I’m not posting. The time when I don’t drink, I post. Although I will add that I didn’t happen to drink anything on Monday but this is the recovery from drinking which also doesn’t lead to posting. With that out of the way, let’s get down to the post.

Two posts below this post you’ll read a post titled “Can you handle the truth.” Now I know that anyone who knows me personally might think that I’m talking about them. This would be completely false in a direct sense but incredibly true in an indirect sense. The thing with this blog is that I have a take a position. I’ve never actually learned this but for some reason I believe that good writing requires taking a position and backing it up. So as I write how I don’t think people can handle the truth (they can’t), this doesn’t mean that I’m just going to start personally attacking everyone and yelling at them that they can’t handle what I perceive as the truth. I just do this for content. So what I do when I write a post like that, is bury it.

As the owner of a blog I think I have a good feel for who comes to read my blog. A mere 105 people visited this blog yesterday. These are pitiful numbers but certainly haven’t dissuading (word?) me from posting. 19 of those people were people who went to Sam’s blog and then to mine. 34 people were direct traffic or people who put into the Url. That leaves a shade over 50 people who are just one post people. Meaning they found my page from an engine, viewed it and left. What this shows is that about 50 people, I’d guess, read nearly every entry I write because they have some personal or family connection. It’s just in the daily routine of their life. They check espn, yahoo, redtube, then cruise into rnningfool to get a personal touch to their web experience. There is no point of burying a post to this crowd. However, Facebook people and other randoms may just hit the homepage and read a few entries, this is where burying the post just makes sense. I don’t need some random clown reading an entry, read that I think people are pussies who get thrown off their game from truthful comments, and they think I’m a dick for life. So what you do is bury the post with other less direct entries like this one. I personally found this entry fun to write but it does little in the way of content. In fact it has virtually no content. Just filler.

I also think that I’m probably the only person who creates this personal opinion on certain posts. You guys probably read it and think of it as just a post. You’d have no idea which post I’d consider personal or one that I am taking a stance on. This was a complete random thought, but since this post has no real point, I think the lack of traffic stems from a tiny network of people created in the multiple years of this blog. I have one link to Sam’s blog but that’s it. We don’t pull people from anywhere. Others don’t get an insight into one of nature’s gifts to world. I ran a sub 18 5k and bowled 2 200 games in the same weekend. That’s upper echelon. I’m not even being conceited because I know I did virtually nothing else productive. Who really gives a shit about those accomplishments. I’m not saving the world or helping people. Frankly my attitude is to care about no one but myself. That’s not true but I’m damn good at faking it. I didn’t mean to write that. Honesty is the best policy. I’ve decided to add Jonny’s (how the fuck do you spell your name? I thought it was Jonathan but Johnny would be how I think you’d spell it and you spell it like Jonny Quest) because of this on his facebook page “2 chainz might be the most intelligent person that was ever born.” The Shee knows about 2 Chainz and Jonny didn’t seem as retarded as I thought he may have been when I spoke a few sentences to him at the bar last Wednesday. If you read his blog though you may develop a different opinion. Nevertheless, expansion.