Once you go black, you never go back… to the White House. This was a joke I heard from Mitt Romney on Howard Stern. It wasn’t actually Mitt (obviously) but funny nonetheless. I’m not really disappointed or excited, just thinking that this particular nomination doesn’t really effect my life that much. The thing that effects my life the most is me. How hard I work, how much I care, how much I do. That is what dictates how my life turns out, not some presidential election. That being said, I would have liked to see Mitt Romney in office because he is more of a business man and doesn’t give a shit about hurting people to help the bigger cause. Of course he’d never say that but this is what I’d expect from him. As is, I’m prepared for 4 more years of a lackluster economy and slow growth. I still expect shit to hit the fan (like today’s market) because the gov’t created so much money and I’m not sure what is to show for it.

I’m also well aware that I’m so far away from these political issues that I really don’t understand them and I have no right to comment on them. Well, I suppose I can comment but it’s not an educated opinion. The more I live here, the more I want to earn enough money to get away from it. Give me a beach, a broad, a book, a beer and I’m content. I honestly don’t need anything else. If I make enough money that I feel I can comfortably do this, I’m out of here. People need to stop acting like they know what they are talking about. You are so far out of the loop that you essentially know nothing. It’s ok to know nothing as long as you know that.