I suggest watching that brilliant 90 seconds so we can try to figure out whatever happened to this show. This was a brilliant, reality TV show that aired from 1999-2005. The Real World was the start of reality TV in 1992 (Survivor for real in 1997) but Blind Date was still a part of reality TV when it wasn’t over saturated. The concept of setting up two random people and filming them on a date wound up being hilariously entertaining. The thought bubbles throughout provided even further amusement by getting insight from the producers after they have analyzed the people. So my question is that why after only 6 years, did Blind Date die?

The concept of filming dates that go wrong should be so simple it shouldn’t die. However, people get tired of the same old thing and this show never really innovated from the simplicity. They needed to start creating mismatches and sending them on dates that they knew were going to be disastrous. Pair up a virgin and a pornstar and send them on a date to a drive-thru and watch hilarious conversation ensue. The bigger answer to the why’d it die question is that once Blind Date got popular, people started acting differently. This show allowed them to be TV stars and that ruined the integrity of the show. Knowing that your on TV creates people acting differently than themselves. So the combination of 6 years of the same show and the show’s loss of reality took it down.

I feel though that someone should bring it back. It’s been away for a while now and people are ready to give it another shot. Problem would still be that the people would know they are on TV but with some better producing, I think this could still be a high rated show. Why I created this post though is a bit of a mystery. I was watching some TV and Roger Lodge popped up and it reminded me of this show. Then I remembered that I actually liked the show. Then I thought the above analysis wasn’t horrible for why the show ended and I decided to write about it. That can happen.