An interesting weekend headlined by my matchup with the Rock in fantasy football. I am down 1.9 points moving into tonight’s game with Vick and McCoy on my roster vs Brees and DeSean on his. This is what the season is all about. One of use moves to 5-4 with high aspirations for the playoffs and the other season is almost at an end. For what it’s worth, I’d rather be in my spot but the edge, if any, is super slight. I pulled off W’s in Bake and Steve’s league and dropped another one in my pro league. A sad, but true, moment was my pickup of Heath Miller in Evan’s league which was honestly the highlight of my week.

We also won a football game on Saturday in lower than normal temperatures. We opened a 21-0 lead and the game was never really that close. Props to Bake for quarterbacking a good game and getting everyone involved. We took the 2nd seed with a 5-2 record moving into a playoff game this upcoming Saturday. From the looks of it, we should have a good schedule to the championship game.

It looks like we might be getting some snow on Wednesday so I’m hoping we can get a CK4cast sometime shortly.