Eli is dirty. This is my 2nd post dedicated to Eli but when I watch TV and view rankings, I have to comment. Eli is ranked as the #8 (Rotoworld) and #10 on ESPN this week for QB’s. This is ridiculous. Eli is a top 5 QB everyweek. I could also make this post about Tom Brady because he never gets the credit he deserves. Here are the guys ahead of Eli this week that shouldn’t be: Brees, Vick, RG3, Matt Ryan, and Stafford. I’d argue Peyton too but I think you can guess my position on him. The list every single week should have Rodgers, Brady, and the two Mannings as the top 4 every week in varying orders. If I’m Tom Brady and I see that they have RG3 ranked higher than me I’m seriously going to question who is making this list. You can say that matchups are the reason the rankings adjust but I just don’t buy it.

Eli is on pace for 4,600 yards, 24 Tds, 16 INT and only sacked 6 times. Michael Vick has been sacked 20 times. RG3 is on pace for 3,500 yards, 16 Tds and only 6 picks plus his rushing stats. The point is that these guys shouldn’t ever be higher up than Eli even with poor matchups. Sadly I don’t have Eli on any of my fantasy teams and Vick on 3. My records aren’t terrific.