Eli gets it done. Being from Philadelphia there is constant hate from any teams inside the division. The bottom line though is that Eli is a top level QB and there’s no point denying it anymore. If his success in this postseason wasn’t enough to turn this tide then you just aren’t being real. If you watch football to any degree and can say honestly answer the question “is Eli Manning a top tier QB” with a no, your opinion should never count from here on out. In the first playoff game against the Falcons Eli was 23/32, 277 yards and 3 TD / 0 INT. Against the Packers he was 21/33, 330 yards, 3 TD / 1 INT, ON THE ROAD AT LAMBEAU. Against the Niners he was 32/58, 316 yards, 2 TD / 0 INT. Last night in the Superbowl against the Pat he was 30/40, 296 yards and 1 TD / 0 INT. This comes to an average of 304 yards a game and 9/1 TD to INT ratio. SICK!

Just to ride his nuts a little more, if we discount his first season where he played 7 games, he is 68-44 never having a losing season in 7 years. He threw for 4,900 yards this year which is 900 yards more than the last two years of 4,000 yard seasons. He still throws too many picks but his decision making is improving and he’s earned the reputation for 4th quarter comebacks. I make this post because I’ve heard so many people in the past few years say how bad Eli was (I was probably one of them) but to continue to think that is ludicrous. Eli can be on my fantasy team next year and I bet he drops to somewhere as far down as the 3rd-4th round even though he’s a legit #1 starter. Throw up Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks and you have chemistry that will be around for years. Eli, my hats off to you.