I’ve taken off work today to go golfing with perhaps my oldest known friend who just recently got engaged. It’s difficult to maintain friendships for this long for various reasons including location, feelings, and all the other curve balls life throws at you. Taking a day off to go golfing is a true luxury with an old time friend. What used to be seeing each other practically every day to the realization that life changes is perfectly natural. The best thing a friend can do for another friend is to feel happy when they’re happy. So I wanted to take this sentence and just give a huge congratulations to Nikkii and Chad on their recent engagement. I must also thank Ck4 for all his contributing efforts to providing blog fodder for over the years. Examples are here and here and here.

Today is also an interesting date because it marks birthday of my roommate from college. I noticed on facebook that he would have been 30 years old today. I knew him for all 2.5 years of college and we were roommates for the .5 year. I don’t know the exact cause of death but I presume it was self inflicted, perhaps accidentally. My first example was of somebody getting married and starting a brand new life with the sensation of happiness. This is the opposite end of the life spectrum. Have you experienced death in your life? A death of old age is something you are more prepared for but unexpected deaths can hit you differently. I’m going to be perfectly honest now because I just wouldn’t want to lie. My roommates death wasn’t a life altering feeling for me. We’d grown apart, mainly due to his erratic nature, and he let substances rule his life. It wasn’t the same friendship when it started. That’s why I wrote it’s important to appreciate days with people that you’ve known for a long time because there are no guarantees in life. You really have to live life in the moment.

My sister would scrutinize that last sentence due to my monetizing ways.