If you do not check your monthly bill and are paying something outrageous (200+ for internet and cable), I’m going to give a quick write up on what you should be doing. Ck4 spent almost 2 hours yesterday negotiating with these people and although I don’t think he does a fantastic job in the people end of things, he does get the job done. I want to share with you a couple of smart things to say to these greedy money whores at these big companies. Generally these conversations take place when they try to raise the prices on your current bill or if you’ve never negotiated with them before.

The first smart thing Ck4 says when he gets on the phone with a representative is that he can’t afford the rate increase. His rent is X amount and how is he supposed to pay 1/3 of his rent for cable and internet. This is such a good comment to make because it’s the best reason for why you need a lower bill if they want to keep you as a customer. The funny thing is that if they were smart they would say if you can’t afford it why do you “need” Showtime and Hbo. I also want to add that getting to the retention dept is more effective than the initial person you speak with. So usually after telling them that you can’t afford the bill they say they can’t do anything for you and you have to tell them you wish to cancel your service and that you want to be transferred to the retention dept. People in initial customer service don’t have the authority to make any changes. Ck4 and I like to say that they are like a wall between you and the people you need to speak with. Their job is to stop you from speaking with the appropriate people.

Once you get retention you explain that this is not what I was paying before and if we could just go back to the previous rates, everything is fine. The comment that “You are willing to give new customers these promotions but you are looking to screw your existing customers” works well. Also it’s not bad to know what the competition’s rates are because you can use that as leverage when negotiating. The goal is to never cancel your subscription because that is just a complete hassle but to have them lower your bill. This works on cable and phone and universally everything. With some common sense and the willingness to not accept their offers, you will lower your bills and keep more money in your pocket. Ck4 if you have anything to add, just comment or send me some text and I’ll input it.