My life has been really great lately and is only going to continue to improve. After just returning from a productive sales trip, our internet business has been taking off. These two things aren’t exactly correlated but both are positive in their respective ways. I’m heading to the Pittsburgh area this weekend to meet with an influential player in our trade and also attend a conference where I will pick up a wealth of information on slate and sheet metal roofing. Football is this Sunday which is another awesome thing to look forward to. I also booked a trip to Chicago with Jeff to attend a sheet metal conference which will obviously be a fun time. I finally intend to book a trip to Lauderdale to hang out with the Rock which is long overdue. Not to mention that the new apartment is working wonders for my schedule. There is also a gym in the building which I basically have to myself and I’ve been putting in hours lifting and jumping rope which is turning me into an absolute beast. I feel like I’ve finally hit a nice stride in my life where I’m looking forward to all sorts of things.

After that little review of what I have going on, I’m going to take a little minute and sit right down and tell you how I came to arrive at my life philosophy. This doesn’t apply to everyone, only me. Everyone has there own way of viewing how they are going to live their life. Mine entails becoming a productive, healthy, motivated individual who can get anything accomplished. Working out is important to me because I want to be strong and healthy physically. I want to be personable and sociable and make people want to be around me because they like me and I mean that in a non-superficial way. As in, I’m being me, you’re being you, and we want to hang out because. I want to be constantly learning and becoming more skilled in everything I do. I don’t want to look back at my life and say I wish I would have done that. I need to stop getting too wasted on the weekends where it effects how people perceive me and then furthermore, how shitty it makes me feel on the days after. I need to find a female who not only would find these above traits attractive but also the minor things that interest me such as Twin Peaks and A Silent Film. I feel like I’m in the prime of my life where I’ve matured past youth and am now ready to make my foothold in the universe. Or at least Philadelphia. It’s just staying positive and focused.

If you’ve read this far I want to write something that I know not everyone agrees on but I’m going to present my opinion because it’s my blog. There is no afterlife. There is no god. My comparison to our universe would be consider us all ants. We are all essentially ants but just in human form. Do you think ants think they get reincarnated? Do they think that they are working for a higher power? Humans are just ants except we have the ability to think which is how God got created by humans. People need the idea of a god to stay on a positive path. I’m perfectly receptive to this idea as long as it makes you a better person. My philosophy is that I don’t need god to be a better person. I don’t need God to let me enter the afterlife. I am who I am with absolutely no divine intervention. I’m the one who forms my own path. The only person I need is me. You get an average of 80 years on this Earth and then you take a dirt nap. I can’t fathom laying in the ground as nothingness either. There isn’t one single person who can explain what happens after you die. I do think though that if you are true to yourself, do the right thing, and help people out, that whether you believe in god or not should be an indicator of what happens to your soul. Whether I feel this way 50 years from now when I’m on the cusp of life is probably a different story but from my limited experience on this Earth, this is what I’m bringing to the table. Keep an open mind.