One of the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a person is clogging the toilet in a public place. You drop a deuce, you wipe, and then when you flush you get a sudden sense of terror when your poop isn’t swooshing down the drain. One could possibly blame the lack of water pressure but most likely it’s not considering that this event can happen. Myself, I don’t ever let this happen. First things first, I rarely take dumps in public because it’s uncomfortable and gross. However, if I really have no choice, I just the most obvious thing, I multiple flush. After you finish up it’s usually an ideal time to flush. Paper has to be the #1 toilet clogger so you just want to make sure the shit goes down to avoid any issues. I think 3-4 wipes of paper is probably as much as I’ll ever challenge the toilet with. It’s pretty rare that you get wipes that start heading into the double digits so an absolute max of 3 flushes seems about right. Yes you might be looked at as odd for flushing so many times but this is far superior than being that guy who just clogged the shitter. I just wanted to pass on this wisdom.