I am not a champion. The past few days a perfect examples of that. As you continue to get older and mature you learn things about your body that show up through repeated habits. After a long day of drinking on Saturday (I will add though that at no point was I out of control which is a wonderful improvement), the Shee and I decided to play golf on Sunday. Long days of drinking dehydrate your body and you don’t recover in a simple chug of a 32 oz Gatorade.

Golf started when I blasted a nice drive up the middle and then a sweet 4 iron to about 50 yards on a longish par 5. I found it odd that I was able to hit some good shots even though I didn’t feel full strength. After a birdie on 8 and a bogey on 9 I came in at 45 before things fell apart. I slammed out a 9 on 10 and an 8 on 11 to discombobulate the round. I just started completely sucking and didn’t even finish a full round because we left early due to slow play ahead. The point of this though was that I’m better than a 45 and far better than a 50+ on the back. The only way that happens is when my body is unable to perform physically. This is the whole point of the story. If you want to perform your best, your treat your body like it deserves to be treated. I can’t be surprised that I suck when I don’t feel well. I remember one time in Softball I was 0-8 for the day. Attribute this to alcohol abuse. It just doesn’t happen when I play at full strength.

The title of this posts explains why I’ll never be a champion. A champion doesn’t let himself fall into the trap of alcohol like I do. Now just to continue my realistic opinion of myself, even if it weren’t for alcohol, I would never be one of the top people in just about anything. After reading the Advanced Theory book and the authors ability to name about 100 so called advanced artists, you see the percentages are unlikely to really breakthrough and make a name for yourself. A great line from that book though was that usually the advanced are the people with the greatest talents and are the hardest workers. When I translate this to my life I find myself trying hard at various things and never really excelling at any one thing. Jack of all trades, master of none. There’s nothing wrong with it but it’s my self evaluation of myself. I believe a post like this is a realistic though.