I sat down today and watched all the episodes of Jersey shore. This is probably the first show I’ve watched on MTV in probably 10 years. Basically when a lot of people like a show, even if I think I won’t like it, I’ll still check it out just to know what people are talking about. So I had pretty low expectations going in and then I started thinking it was getting better and then the end had me feeling that it wasn’t all that good. The cast is average in my opinion. To me the Situation steals the show and is really the only character that makes the show worth watching. He’s a complete douchebag but his style is certainly one where he has his moments. The Sammy and Ronnie ordeal is pretty lame and brought the show down. J-Woww and Snookie weren’t the best looking girls but at least they provided for some entertainment. Pauly seemed to old for the show and behaved the most mature. I also thought the show could have been better with out Vinnie, I don’t know what he brought to the table. It got to be a weird show because they couldn’t really stand The Situation. I didn’t feel like the group really clicked that well. I’m not really surprised it’s a hit because it’s pretty over the top, but I don’t have any real anticipation building for the finale.

Another season of 24 kicked off and we’ll see how many episodes I get through before it gets too wild for me. I really liked the first couple of seasons, plus I watched them on DVD so they were like power seasons but I just can’t get that into it anymore. The axe to the heart was my favorite part because the move was pretty smart. Another series which I’ll probably watch but not all that excited for.

This weekend was standard. Brandon Lang picked four bets on Friday which all hit so that netted me 320, but I picked the cardinals for 50 and then the chargers for 200 for a minor win this week. I also was blacked out for about 4 hours on Saturday. We drank some 100 proof Captain and it pretty much lit up anyone who was drinking it. I honestly don’t remember a thing for that time period so if I did anything stupid I don’t know about it. It’s weird too because my texts were all perfect spelling and nothing bad happened. Which usually when I’m messed up for that long of a period of time, something bad happens. That’s pretty much the deal. Another work week coming up and I’ll try to post daily.