Don’t blame my parents, they taught me right from wrong but as Latarian Milton ( says “it’s fun to bad things.” This woman at a local pizza parlor loves to call me baby. I’m 6-0, 175, there is no way I resemble a baby.  I know she obviously wants the cack.  Anyhow, I order a breakfast and get a half and half Nantucket Nectar. I’m getting really sidetracked but I really like the half and half and I think Snapple may have changed their ingredients in their Lemon Snapple and I really like that too but it’s still second to Half and Half.  The total was 8 dollars and change and I paid with a big faced ten.  She was in some conversation with the other lady about how her daughter was only 16 and doing hoodrat things.   So she takes my money starts getting me some coins and then she gives me back a ten and and one obviously thinking I paid with a 20. So my conscience kicks in and is like “dude this is practically stealing.” And I think back “yeah I know, good start to the day.”  So not only did I not leave quickly but I made sure to use extra oregano and garlic just to act as nonchalant as possible. I hope that Plaza Pizza on 3rd and Spring Garden don’t read my blog because the lady who calls me baby would get axed.

Which leads me to another point. When you have a blog, anyone can read it. People talk and somehow word gets around to my parents that I have a website and write down what I think. At first I thought I would have to censor my shit to not piss them off and then I thought I’m 25 and can pretty much do as I choose so if they don’t like it they don’t have to read it. I’m pretty sure Howard Stern doesn’t feel any remorse to his parents when he makes pornstars ride the sybian or talk about how small his cock is. He actually used a hilarious analogy yesterday comparing a small dick to an baby egg in a nest. If you don’t get it then just stop living.

Another funny thing is that people sometimes read this at work and me putting up pictures of hot chicks in little clothing isn’t ok. I refuse to label my posts NSFW in case Jamie Dimon is lurking over your shoulder. Honestly, I’m happy that people read this at all. I like to think I’m not completely wasting my time to entertain myself. Writing about shit that happens to me and what I think about keeps me thinking opposed to turning on the television . I’m ending the post with another good picture that is SFW. (Safe for work for all the nubs).  It’s golf season…