Anyone else find the Cliff Lee debacle fascinating? I’m not a huge baseball fan but I actually want to watch Cliff Lee start his next game. I had the same feeling a few weeks ago when Tim Lincecum’s slump was really being highlighted. There’s something about people who should be good being bad that really interests me. It’s not like overnight they forget everything that made them all-stars. My opinion is that it just starts to turn into a mental game. They can’t even figure out what’s happening and why it’s not like it was. This goes hand in hand with RA Dickey. I almost watched the game a week or so ago when he was pitching against the Yankees. It’s another case of a guy going from one extreme to the other. It’s truly unbelievable. He hasn’t had a 12 win season in his entire career and now he has them before the all-star break! Nobody pays attention to mediocrity but you start being one extreme or the other and people start paying attention.