An unusual situation occurred at dinner the one night where two children, ages 1 and 3, were messing around the restaurant unsupervised. There was an odd spot in the restaurant that contained some old lumber (I actually didn’t see it) with a nail sticking out of it. My dad went over and stopped them from playing with it at my disapproval. Am I dick for this? Yes. I honestly feel though that the stupid kids should get hurt for punishment to the neglectful parents. This is how I view life, you get what’s coming to you. If I had 2 children I promise you they wouldn’t be running wildly around the restaurant with no supervision. I suppose I have less emotions than most. Now I will agree wholeheartedly that small children are pretty much clueless and don’t deserve punishment for things that aren’t their fault. Someone, anyone should step in and stop that from happening. It just won’t be me.