Random update for no other reason than because. I had some decent jokes the past few days that I’m going to share. I was in the ocean in OCMD and the waves were coming very strongly in random intervals and I said “The strong ones really come in waves.” Also, Sam and I were having a frizbee catch and on one of my bullet throws he tried to catch it between his legs and I said “be care, you might get dismembered.”

I’ve pretty much spent the last 6 days on the beach which isn’t too bad. The first 4 days I was in Ocean City, Maryland and got by without any incidents. The nights there are just insane. Without going into real detail we spent the weekend at Seacrets, Monday at the world famous Fagers, and Tuesday at some wild 80’s party at Mackay’s filled with 18 year old girls wearing neon. Wednesday I left there to drive to Avalon where it is much more low key but also much needed to recover. I’m feeling back to normal but I had a run today that was unpleasant. I did 5 miles in 100 degree weather with about 10% of my body’s water level. After 2 and half miles I was completely dehydrated, head pounding, and my legs barely working. I eventually completely the run but that was the hardest run I’ve done in ages. Life is good though and I wanted to take a few moments to make everyone else realize that if they aren’t doing what I’m doing, your doing it wrong.