Life has been pretty good as of late. On Friday, we went to a few bars in Doylestown which was much better than I would have thought. A fun golf round on Saturday came down to 18 where I hit the one of my best drives and chickened out for going for the green in 2. Shee and I were tied (with Bud being 2 back which I wasn’t even aware of) and we both bogeyed after a few botched putts. I thought I played better than a 95 but two relatively easy holes nabbed me with an 8 and a 9. We finished the round and sped home to catch my horse Dullahan get a 7th place in the Belmont Stakes. I concluded the night with watching the bball game where I was actually happy to see the Heat get there and then I hung out at the Cohen household which also proved entertaining. I was impressed with the game baseball which was the first time I played it.

I woke up late today and just finished playing 7 games of basketball where I was honing my skills. If I had to rate my play I’d say it was a solid 5. I play hard, get good spots, but just can’t put the ball in the basket. Casey, Bud, and Evan also rounded out the crew and it was a pretty fun day. I’m completely spent now though and am looking forward to bowling tonight. Anyone is welcome. Should be around 8 or 9, let me know. Let’s get Jaweens and Mugsey reunited on the alley.