Now that my living situation has changed, chances are I start playing a bit more basketball. I played this Saturday and I have a few observations from this experience. I’m not the greatest player but I do know what I can and can’t do. I also know how the game should be played. Most people don’t. Here are a few things I noticed throughout the game:

  • Players pass the ball so late on the fast break. The key to the fast break is to pass the ball early and keep your options open. Once you start getting closer to the basket, the window angle gets smaller and smaller. This happens so frequently that it is really what spurred this post.
  • Pass and cut. People pass and stand and if you don’t want to have an offense, than that’s a good strategy. I can’t believe how often people just stand outside the 3 point line doing nothing but waiting.
  • The difference between a 2 point shot and a 1 point shot are huge. If you have anyone who can shoot reasonably well, you should try to get them open looks. The better team doesn’t always win at Mondauk, it’s usually who can make the most 3’s.
  • The defense and boxing out (2 things I can do) is non-existent. This game I played in though wasn’t the highest competition so I expect that it comes with talent.

It’s very true that I’m going to be one of the oldest guys playing and have played for much longer than most but these are just some simple observations.