Wally Szerzerbiak Tweets about KG

I despise the media. This is an article that shouldn’t be an article. I can’t think of one reason why anyone should care what Wally Szcezerbiak thinks of about anything. I would compare the importance of Wally’s tweets to my tweets. We’re on the same level. So if some media moron wants to start using my tweets for news stories, then maybe I’ll reconsider my position.

Yahoo wonders why it sucks and I have to point to stories like this. I use Yahoo for 3 things, its finance section, its fantasy sports, and its headlines. The search engine is sub par and all the other crappy categories are a waste of time. They’re problem is that they try to do a little bit of everything and are good at nothing (but fantasy sports). I actually really like the company because the things I use are done extremely well but I just can’t believe that stories like these deserve attention.