It’s amazing what 2 weeks can do to you. I gave my best effort to get into my “racing” shape for the Broad St Run. At 28, racing shape is different than what it used to be. Considering I don’t really have any real reason to run other than my own personal goal, I would hardly consider my training to be a full fledged effort but it has various forms. Leading up to that race I was probably running 5 times a week and putting in around 40 miles. This week I’ve logged 0 so far and tallied about 20 beers. This is a complete 180 from what I was striving for at the beginning of May. Although I will add, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

I have noticed though that I don’t feel as physically fit as I did 2 weeks ago. I feel a little more skin around my belly and just a general sense of well being. I ate Taco Bell last night and just felt like poop with no exercise in my routine. I also noticed that I don’t feel as tired when it comes time to go to sleep. After runs I have a sense of physical exhaustion which leaves when you don’t work out. I do intend to start running again but I just don’t have anything coming up that requires hardcore training. I like to peak for races, not stay in 100% form all year long.