After saying that the beer girls in the last post was my ideal girl, I wanted to make a list of who my top 5 celebs are. I looked back a few months ago when I rated my top 10 and the list has shifted a bit. I actually removed a couple who I would definitely keep (sloan, stacy kiebler – She has the best legs in the world, julianne hough) but it’s not fun to redo celebs. Plus I decided to use real people instead of Disney characters to regain some validity to my choices.

#5 Scarlett Johansson
I watched a scene in He’s just not that into you, just 1 by accident I swear, and they had her in a closet and she popped out in her bra and panties and I had to go dvr rewind because it was that amazing of a scene. Her tits were bouncing around and it was just really hot. I never really thought she was that awesome but I gave her a 2nd chance and reconsidered. She also has a great rack which is always bonus points. You’ll notice everyone on my list has a nice rack except for #1.

#5 Scarlett

#4 Kim Kardashian
I’m not sure but I think she has a bad image for some reason. Maybe its the sex tape or that she has a fat ass that drive black guys crazy. This female obviously works on her body because she’s pretty much paid to look good. Her mom’s not really that hot so I’m not sure how she got to be this good looking. I think her sisters aren’t nearly as hot as Kim. I’ve seen the sex tape which is pretty blah blah blah (kesha w/ 3oh3). She wasn’t on my list last time but deservedly so this time. I’ve seen her Playboy pics too which are also mediocre.

#3 Elisha Cuthbert
Kim Bauer makes this list. I remember one scene in 24 where she was wearing this white top and her nips were peaking out and it was just a totally awesome scene. I watched the Girl Next Door and never really fell for her but as she got older I just realized what a retard I was. Pretty blond hair, tight body, nice cleavage, makes the list.

#2 Megan Fox
This is a tough one for me because everyone is all lady goo goo gaga over her and I generally don’t like to follow the crowd. However I just saw this picture spread of her and it pretty much gave me this idea to make this list again. She has black hair which goes against my blond liking but her body is pretty much flawless. Adorable face to match and she gets her high ranking.

#1 Carrie Underwood
This is easily the surprise to this list. Why is she #1. Easy, Cowboy Casanova. Today was the first time I heard it on the radio and the way she sings the song just makes me think that it has to be some beauty. It’s sort of like the talent makes her even hotter than she is, which puts her far and above the others. I know she married some jerkoff hockey player so she obviously has poor taste but I can forgive that. Scarlett is a dumb blonde actress, Kim is a fitness nitwit, Elisha another bimbo actress, and Megan just comes off as weird with that Marilyn Monroe tat. Carrie has a real talent and that propels her to victory. Plus I really like her blonde hair. She wins.

Apparently this has been out for months but believe it or not I don’t follow Carrie’s music that closely.