I saw an Oracle ad in the WSJ that says “beats IBM once again”. I have a big problem with ads like this that claim they are better than their competitors. A really strong, confident company doesn’t need to tell you that they are superior to others. Their products or service should do the talking. By feeling the need to tell me this, I actually think they are worse. Now obviously most people don’t think like this or else Oracle wouldn’t run the ad but this just really make me not want to do business with the company.

It works the same with people too. If you need to be told you are faster, stronger, or better than other people, than you are walking around with a trait that isn’t helpful. Feelings of this nature should all be derived within yourself. You shouldn’t have to compare yourself to others to feel good about yourself. If you need to slander other people to make yourself feel better, that isn’t attractive. That’s why I won’t buy from Oracle.