I’ve had some human interaction lately that I think is interesting and I want to share with my diminishing blog audience. I find that many people aren’t myself and do things differently than I would. I’ve become mature enough to realize I’m not right and they’re not wrong, but learning from everyone is a part of growing. I also want to point out that I don’t actually know all of these people below but I hear stories and it’s more the concepts than who the actual people are.

The first people I want to write about are two people who are an item. They have been boyfriend / girlfriend on and off. At some point in the relationship one of the sides said this isn’t working, let’s split up. However long this period lasts is really inconsequential because they are back together. A possible reason they get back together is because they are both getting older and they don’t want to restart the process so they just put up with each other. I think this is the biggest tragedy you can do with your life. Spend it with someone who you just tolerate. I think to truly live a fulfilled life you have to find true love and that will spare you this situation.

The next interaction I had with someone I will call “character defined”. This person has had no handouts, no parents paying for college, no money to blow, and has worked for everything that he has. Paying for everything on his own hasn’t allowed a huge savings build up and money is an issue. This person embodies the US and can appreciate what they have worked for and earned. You can never take that away from someone. Paris Hilton will never be able to stand with her head held high next to people like this despite all the money in the world.

I’m not very good with text messaging and people get annoyed with me. In one particular case I had someone scolding me for not returning a text which is completely fine. However in the deliverance of chiding, he wasn’t making any eye contact with me. I would be looking directly at him and he was staring away into other directions. I can handle anything you want to say and no one should ever be afraid to tell me anything but look at me and tell me I’m doing something stupid, it has more impact. I had a similar situation where I was talking to a guy and he was staring straight ahead when he was talking to me. Almost no eye contact. There was just no personal connection and the conversation become completely meaningless and distant. I’m not good with eye contact, but I understand the importance.