Here are a few words to use to make you sound intelligent. I might be repeating a few I’ve mentioned in other posts.

Balance – Next time you are in a meeting with people just find the appropriate time to say that we need to find the right balance. There are an inordinate amount of ideas that rely on balance and even though you would think it seems so obvious, pointing out that balance needs to be achieved is important. Balance can almost always be the solution. For example, you want to have a good time and you want to drink alcohol but there has to be a proper balance for the best outcome. Also, don’t invest all your money in this one idea because you want to find the right balance of risk vs reward. It really works in so many ways and a balance is usually a good outcome.

Integrity – Don’t ruin the integrity of the game. If anyone is ever doing something wrong or stupid just tell them they are ruining the integrity of the game. Ruining the integrity is indirectly telling the person that they are being stupid. Everyone wants to be part of things that have integrity. Integrity means that you are interacting with something that is smart. Any game you play has rules and you want to follow the rules to maintain integrity. People want integrity.

Pipeline – Saying that you have something in the pipeline sounds way better than I’ll get to it later. Just saying that you have a pipeline makes you sound like you have a lot of things going on. Technically there could be absolutely nothing in your pipeline but it would still be your pipeline. All work needs to be forwarded to the pipeline.