So for the first time in my adult life I played a designated driver for a night. Amazing I know but I suppose this day had to come sometime. We were heading out to Conshohocken and I decided that I would drive which proved to be fine. Watching a weekend night from the sober side is vastly different and has its perks. I will say though that after this experience in Conshy I am happy to never venture there again. It is filled with complete rejects and just isn’t that exciting. At one point we were standing on the street using lines like “you’re too good for conshy” or “you fit in perfectly”. Everyone thought we were being extremely rude no matter what sentence came out. I just didn’t think it was very fun but I enjoyed waking up this morning feeling good.

We got our first round in this afternoon which was fun. I was joined by the Wevs, the Wads, and CK4 and we all enjoyed the afternoon. Only because I feel obligated to do so, Ck4 carded a 17 with 5 shots in the drink off the tee. The Wevs was able to set a all time career low round and the Shee was the victor of the day with consistent play. I finished with a 99 with a few good shots thrown in but no feel for a short game. It was an encouraging start to the season though.

I came back and ran 7 miles which is something I hardly ever do on a Sunday. I’ve started working hard again for a few different runs I have coming up. After the Frostbite I pretty much took a break from serious training. Meaning that I still ran but it was only 3 times a week and usually just shorter runs to stay fit. On Thursday though I went on a 13 mile run and have run the last 4 days. I’m going to put in work until Broad St comes where once again my unattainable goal of breaking 60 will be set.