I woke up on Thursday feeling pretty good. We decided to go to a town called Arrowtown which was about 20 minutes away. It’s a tough place to describe. It’s small but very touristy. Lots of little shops with overpriced goods. It was about 11am and we went to a place to eat some breakfast where I ordered my first beer (I already ate breakfast). We walked around a little bit and took a hike through the area. Nothing really to note as the hike wasn’t too exciting and neither was the town. We made a reservation at a winery, Amisfield, for 2:30 and got there a bit early to eat. We ordered four portions that contained some zucchini, some lamb, some tropical fish and something I can’t remember. The food was a bit overpriced considering the portions served. We got a few pictures of the place below.

After the winery we decided to rent some bikes and ride around the lake. This was probably the first time I rode a bike in years. It comes second nature like expected and the route was pretty interesting. There were parts where you had to “hike with a bike” because the trails were too rocky. Amazing scenery though. We then went up a path to the Remarkable’s where I think we probably took some of the best pictures. I think we ate a pub food dinner and called it an early night because we had to wake up at 6 tomorrow for the BBQ bus to Milford Sound.