This will most likely be my last post for about a week plus. My mom, my sister and myself are heading to New Zealand for a vacation to visit our brother Jeff and his girlfriend Nicole who has stopped updating her New Zealand blog. I have a camera and will take plenty of pictures and will hopefully come back with tons of stories and interesting facts about the kiwis. I’m very excited for a week off with nothing to do but take in the sights of a foreign land and enjoy myself. I believe this would be referred to as “living the life”. I’m hoping that this will be such a good experience that I’ll be apt to turn myself into a worldly traveler. Lose this narrow mind set that the world lies within the United States.

The plane ride is 5 hours to LAX and then 15 hours to Auckland. This is obviously a lot of time on the plane so I’m prepared to finish the Hunger Gamers series and hopefully start the Fountainhead. These are such drastically different books that I’ll start with the teenage ones and work up to a real piece of literature. I’ve felt foolish reading the Hunger Games in public for whatever reason. Tonight will be relatively low key because I have to feel fresh when traveling for all those hours. I don’t have too much else to comment on and will possibly write something mid week depending on how their computer system operates.