I can be really stupid. When I arrive in social situations sometimes my brain starts working overtime to try to think of things to keep the conversation going. When I overwork my brain, I say stupid shit. I’m not sure why but I think I have social anxiety and I can’t stand lulls in the conversation or awkward silence. I would have problems sitting in a room with someone that I only half knew and watching a movie. I always think they are really bored or would rather be doing something else. I just completely overthink situations.

On to my stupidity. Wagon and I went to Sam’s club to get our usual drinks and food. Everything went to plan and then we run into a girl from my high school. We have been family friends and I know her well enough that I can’t just say hi and keep walking. Of course I could do that but then it would be a “well that was really rude.” So she’s there with her husband and we start off with how’s it going, Sam’s club is really crowded, yada yada. So something in my brain told me that they just moved into a new house. So I said “are you guys living in a house together?” The guy looks at me like I’m from another planet and says “yeah for a couple of years now.” So after realizing that was a retarded question I quick countered with “yeah I hardly ever see you guys…. well nice talking to you.” I walked away and just thought that was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever said. Where else would they be living? It would be one thing if they did just actually move into a new house but since they’ve been there for years, I just felt it was moronic.

Other than that though nothing is of too much interest. Friday night JKash and I got retarded and went searching for sluts. I hate to put it that way but I’m not sure how many future wives come out of random weekend hookups. We got back both pretty lit and decided to throw chairs around the living room. Nobody else really found it that amusing surprisingly. Saturday I lost 50 bucks betting on the games. I don’t feel any emotion at all because of the Eagles loss. Also, I deposited in stars to take advantage of the 150 reload bonus. I have 600 vpps and need 2400 more after one weekend of playing that netted me -200. I’ll be at this for the next week so hopefully I get things back in the black.

Ke$ha is also taking over. Tik Tok triggers some crazy part of the female mind. This song starts playing and girls just lose it. Reminds me of Party in the USA. The songs are catchy songs and I understand why they get so popular but after hearing it for the 100th time I must say it starts to get old. And it’s one of those songs that they play on 5 different XM stations so it’s pretty much always on. I think some people think they are too cool to listen to mainstream music but I like to hear it just so I can stay in touch with the masses.

Here are some songs that I would recommend.