Just a quick post on this new show because I spent 2 hours watching it. I think it’s retarded. First off it’s network TV which means it’s immediately dumbed down. The characters are borderline awful. Sam Neill is decent but the other characters have no chemistry whatsoever. The lead girl is just so generic and her and the fat guy from Lost are supposed to carry the show? They can’t and they won’t. I also was cringing at the end of the 2nd episode the way the final scene with the sniper played out. What kind of police work was that?

I was immediately put off when they have a guy not aging after he disappears and the idea seems to be some sort of time travel masterminded by a “villain”. From all the twists I’ve been watching lately it wouldn’t surprise me if Sam Neill is behind it all. Problem being, I just don’t care. Like this mystery of how the one girl who got shot in the 2nd episode and how she was in 1960 is supposed to keep me wondering what’s going on. All I’m wondering is why the hell am I watching the show. It probably wasn’t as bad as I’m making it out but compared to all the actual good shows out there, there is better TV to watch. I won’t be tuning in next week because the chance of this show coming to fruition is exactly 0.