The post below was the historic 1,000th post. Naturally I didn’t realize it was the 1,000th post and made it about Alanis Morrisette and her case of statutory rape. However, even if I knew it was the 1,000th post, I don’t think I’d have done anything memorable or out of the norm. I suppose that we just use those types of numbers as milestones or for probably a better word, benchmarks. The fact that I’ve been doing this for about 30 months though is pretty unbelievable. I’ve seen plenty of bloggers come and go. They get a great idea that they’re going to write down their thoughts and opinions and share them with the world. They’ll write 10 entries and be really excited during those posts. Then they’ll write another 15 and the enthusiasm starts to wane. By post 25 they wonder why on Earth they’re spending their time writing something that has 0 benefit. I ask myself that question from time to time and do indeed get discouraged sometimes. I do find though that I get a kick out of sharing different thoughts with an unknown audience. I sometimes wonder what random people read this who barely know me and then form an opinion about me without really knowing me. It’s like a one sided friendship where they know about me but I know nothing about them. The bottom line is that I have developed some sort of audience with Who actually reads this is a different story.

I still can’t figure out how many people read my entries. In the past 30 days Google analytics reported near 20,000 people viewing the site. This number is deceiving though because people are coming here for the Brandi Passante mug shot searches. The bounce rate is close to 80% which still means 4,000 people are reading something I’ve written. Now here is where I get stumped. If you take the post below, at the end I posed a question to the effect “did you know this information”? Not one person responded which means they either didn’t read it or that nobody wants to comment. Technically my audience feels like 0 which would differ from that 4,000 number. I understand that people don’t feel the urge the comment on anything but you’re telling me that not 1 person who read that last post would chime in with “I didn’t know this, good post.” This indeed makes me believe that not many people are reading my posts and I’m most likely wasting my time in the past 1,000 posts. I believe it is this reason that most people decide to quit. Most people probably quit when they realize this 999 posts ago. However with my perseverance I trudge through and continue to share my thoughts with nobody reading. I strange task I do agree. Nevertheless, here we are at post 1,001. The graph below will show that I have created something in the past 2.5 years of work and I suppose I have some sense of pride in that. To the people who actually will have read through and understand this little side project of mine, I thank you for your continued support. Here’s to another thousand posts!