I think people might be interested in what I eat on a daily basis. I’m a person of routines and I don’t change what I eat all that often. Here is a typical day that keeps me running.

Sesame Seed Bagel w/ Cream Cheese – 360 Calories
Glazed Donut – 260 Calories
Medium Coffee w/ Cream & Sugar – 120 calories
Total = 740 Calories

Turkey Club w/ Mayo – 510 Calories
Bag of Dirty BBQ Chips – 150 Calories
Cherry Coke – 150 Calories
Total = 810 Calories

10″ Meatball Sub w/ American Cheese – 693 Calories
Smartfood – 240 Calories
Lemon Snapple – 80 Calories
Total – 1013 Calories

That gives me a total of 2563 calories a day. I pretty much never snack so this is a pretty accurate depiction. This doesn’t mean I won’t eat the occasional cookie or milk shake or whatever but it’s not a daily deal. I also think the obvious thing to mention is this doesn’t include alcohol days. For instance, on a Friday I decide to have some beers and drink from 5pm to 2am and consume 15 pints. That’s 15 x 150 calories or 2250 calories. That compares roughly to my daily intake. Now when I say I’m not hungry after a night of drinking, you see why. I also want to point out that I run 3-5 miles 4-5 times a week which is obviously important to being healthy. I’m not saying my diet is good but I don’t have a whole lot of EXTRA trash being put in my system. I’m sure I could eat way better but I have to ask why? I’m not fat, I feel good, and I’m happy eating all these foods because they taste good and I like them. I don’t have to eat shitty tasting food because I’m watching my weight. Also, how does Smartfood ahve 240 calories? I also am aware that I’m only looking at calories which isn’t a great breakdown of these foods. Anyone find this interesting when they compare it to what they eat?