+1 if you know that this post title is a song by Johnny Hates Jazz. Another point if you go to youtube and search for it and listen to one of the better songs from the 80’s. My last few posts have been topical but I’ll throw one in about my life because I’m sure everyone is so interested. This morning I was dreaming that I had really long hair like Jeff did during his “long hair” phase. This is somewhat ironic because I was getting my hair cut the next day. Next thing I know I was abruptly awoken by a glass shattering in the living room, hence shattered dreams. This was at about 8am which was pretty early but I managed to go to sleep at 12 or so Friday night. Why so early? Ck4, Nikkii and I went to the Fieldhouse at 6:30 and we were out of there by 10:30. I had 7 pints and a shot of Jameson in that 4 hour stretch. I put down another 3 beers when we got back and I called it a night. I actually felt great today. I know this sounds like a decent amount of alcohol but sadly my tolerance handled it no problem and I went to bed coherent.

Deciding to get a haircut I drove to Mario’s and was fortunate to get Nick with 4 people waiting for other barbers. I personally think Nick is the best because he never uses scissors. He gets it short enough on the sides and does a good job blending the top. It’s always hard describing how you want your hair cut. I usually tell him I want a 2 blade on the sides and the top to match. This seems to do the trick. After that I went home to see my parents and challenge Sam to some Ping-Pong. We played 11 games of which he won 8. I know that sounds lopsided but the games are closer than the record would dictate. We have some wild points and I think it’s the most fun I can have with no alcohol involved. My forehand slam is coming around I just need to work on the consistency of returning shots without going into the net. Unfortunately he is going back to school on the 15th so if anyone reads this and likes to play in the Philly area, I’m game.

The only other thing to document is that I ran 16:54 for 3 miles yesterday on the track. That’s the best time I’ve posted in years. I can’t really tell what’s different or why my times are dropping but I’m pretty satisfied. My goal will be to break 29 in the FrostBite 5 miler in February. I’ve been feeling pretty strong physically and see no reason why I should easily break that time. That’s all I got for now.