CVS is being held hostage by their vendors or they are just completely bending their customers over. I left my contact case at my parents and it was the last one I had. I usually don’t think twice about where my contact case is because I used to have a plethora of back ups but as we sit here today I have a mere one. This left me in a bad spot because without a case you really don’t have anywhere to put your contacts. I filled up a cup one night but that’s such a waste of solution. So I went to CVS to buy a case expecting there to be a big bin of cases where I could select one for 50 cents. Instead I came across two options a single case for $3.69 or a double for $5.49. I was bewildered. There was no way that a mere contact case should cost this much. I opted for buying a travel kit that came with a case (and a bottle of solution) for $3.50. Now I understand supply and demand and when you need a contact case you NEED a contact case. They do have the ability to charge whatever they want but it’s still a complete rip off for a case that probably costs less than 5 cents to manufacture. Throw in some shipping, some packaging and it’s going on the shelf for a quarter tops. That’s a profit margin of 1400%. Not cool.