I’ve been watching Breaking Bad for the past couple days and there is a fantastic secret that Walter White keeps hidden. It’s especially noticeable in his interaction with is wife. She’s constantly asking him to tell the truth and he’s constantly lying. She KNOWS he’s lying and he still keeps up the charade. The great thing about this is that almost everyone lies to some degree. Walter is keeping the secret that he’s selling meth but most people are usually on a much smaller scale. I abuse vicodin, I drink daily, I shoot H, I snort coke, I cheat on my significant other. You wouldn’t announce to the world that you do these things and you would most likely keep them to yourself. Everybody has something that their ashamed to admit. To be a complete open book is a hard thing to do. I feel religion (and society) asks you to be a perfect individual but the bottom line is that no one is. We all have our vices. This particular show does a wonderful job of displaying this interaction and making it clear to the 3rd party exactly what it looks like and how the people are feeling about it. Empathy is a great tool for making something stick. Strange entry I know but this just struck me as well done.