A Lindsay Buckingham song title by the way. I spent holiday’s with the family and we had a fine time together. We all spent some quality time watching the first season of Breaking Bad which I thought was pretty good. Things seem to happen very slowly but at least it’s always interesting. Sam and I played probably between 25-50 games of ping pong which I enjoy. We put on some tunes and just play. He beats me most of the time but the games are getting tighter and with more play I still have plenty of room to improve, as does he. Without a real backhand slam I let too many points continue and I still don’t have the consistency of finding the table but we both started making better shots as the games went on. Christmas was simple but I think that’s the way we like it. As we get older I’m starting to feel more and more aware that these times of us getting together aren’t going to last forever. Jeff missed his first Christmas this year which didn’t allow our family to be fully together. It’s a weird feeling. Plus it seems like everyone is getting engaged or talking about it which just puts additional pressure. The glaring eyes of society are constantly judging asking “when’s it your turn?” Aside from that though things are really good. I’m happy, healthy, and glad to get some time off to relax. Life is good.