The ebb and flow to life is odd. Sometimes it seems that it doesn’t matter what move you make things seem to work out for the best. Other times Murphy’s Law is present. I’ve been going through a stretch of the latter recently after a nice stretch of the former. Starting with the stock market, I bought 100 shares of the volatility index TVIX (the share price moves with the VIX) at $48.00 a share about 2 weeks ago. Today it is opening at 37.00 and I’m wondering if I’m smart to just sell and exit the position taking the 1,100 loss. The hardest thing with the market is taking a loss. Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to sell something that is a loser. If you want the best reason to not invest, it’s that you never have any emotional ups and downs entering your life.

Another major blunder came in fantasy football last night. I picked up the Falcons D before the game last night and they went for 21 points. Sounds great except I forgot to start them. Getting 21 out of a D is tremendous but seeing them on my bench in a big playoff matchup is sickening. Especially because I’ve won the regular season for the 2nd straight year (with the most point scored) and this is a complete bragging rights league. So that was really disconcerting.

Stupid matters aside though, I’ve been feeling great and ran 3 miles in 17:24 yesterday and then did 2 straight miles on the track doing 400 meter intervals. I did the first 4 in 72, jogged a 100, 77, 105, 76, 110, 75, 110. It was a pretty good workout and physically I haven’t been in this good of shape in a real long time. This probably supersedes any money woes I may have. Should be a fine weekend upcoming and I have a few good posts in the pipeline that should be posted sometime this weekend. Thanks for reading.