People love to say “I’m tired.” This happens a lot at jobs when employees decide that they don’t want to work anymore. By saying their tired, this relieves them from having to work hard. The fact of the matter is, everyone is tired of something. Whether it be physically tired or tired of hearing about people saying their tired, we’re all tired. When you take a macro step back and view your life for what it is, we are put on this Earth and left to wander around some location for thousands upon thousands of days. There isn’t any real goal or purpose other than what you decide for yourself. Life is a crazy ass thing. Getting back to my “I’m tired” point, I had a professor in college who used to say sleep is for the weak. When you are asleep, you aren’t using your brain to think. This was a literary professor so this train of thought really isn’t surprising but I’m astonished that as much as I hated his class, it’s still one of the only ones I remember. I believe it’s been proven that sleep is a useful process to help your body recover and make you feel better after a good night’s rest. Other than that though, it does seem like we spend 1/3 of our life wasting it asleep.

The “I’m tired’ annoys me because it’s just another excuse for why Americans feel the need to not work hard. The only time I ever say I’m tried is after I’ve been out till 2am drinking heavily and need to wake up after only a few hours of sleep. Everyone knows that every 3 hours of drunk sleep is equivalent to 1 hour of real sleep. This is when you’ll hear I’m tired. Aside from that, I usually get 6 hours of sleep and you won’t get complaints from me. I think this is probably about the average and I’ve built my routine around this.

When I was starting this entry I had a point in mind of explaining my sleeping habits and how it was so easy to fall asleep sometimes. Like you’d lay on the couch watching something and then 1 minute later you wake up and 2 hours have gone by. But then I started getting off on a tangent and now I’m just trying to salvage the post by explaining that I got completely lost while writing it. I’ve never claimed to be a good writer though so when you read my blog you get entries like this from time to time. This would go against my post of saying that you only post your best work. This isn’t my best work but I’m 445 words deep now and I’m not deleting it.