This title is in response to Sam’s post “In the Air (tonight). If you don’t get the reference you don’t listen to enough Phil Collins (Genesis). Anyway, I wanted to write a post about replying to people who want to communicate. If you’ve known me, you know I tend to dismiss communication. I don’t really have this feeling that it’s required by me to respond to everybody who wants to have some sort of contact with me. This means emails, texts, phone calls, or any other means of new age correspondence. Because of my attitude towards responding when I feel like it, people get fed up and just decide to not bother. This is ok and I don’t take it personally the same way that they probably take it personally. Here are some examples of how I view different forms of communications.

Emails – I don’t have a problem communicating via email. I receive all emails and I’d say I respond to 80% of my emails. When people ask me specifically if I want to do something by email, I will give an answer within an 8 hour window. I find using email to be relatively easy. However, if I deem an email sort of unimportant or I’m on a list with 10 other people, I don’t feel the need to respond.

Phone I flat out don’t like talking on the phone. I feel like everything that can be said on the phone should be wrapped up in 2 minutes or less. I’m not good at casual conversation. It’s not that I can’t do it, I just would usually rather be doing something else. This doesn’t mean I won’t ever answer my phone but I’m not one of those people who have their phone attached to them 24/7. I use it at my convenience and in today’s age that is frowned upon. If I miss your call, I will get back to you. It might take me a few hours but I don’t ignore a call unless some time has passed and I know I missed out on whatever the person was doing.

Texts I will respond to texts but don’t be surprised if I abruptly stop a conversation whenever I get tired. Texting is a laborious task that I’m usually not into doing for lengths of time. If your text message is not looking for a reply and is just a comment, chances are I’m not going to respond. This is a reasonable way of communicating with me though and I will most likely reply within an hour.

Anything Else – Skype, Facebook Chat, AIM (do people still use this) or Carrier Pigeon usually aren’t great ways to reach me. I tend to put these as low end communication and will just avoid you even if I see that you are trying to talk to me. It’s just more trouble than it’s worth to me.

I’m not good with communication. I don’t have this need of talking to people. I don’t want to share my thoughts and emotions with someone just because. I know this is annoying and people probably don’t like me for it. Take a text from someone who sent it to me on Tuesday saying want to go here on Friday? I saw it on Tuesday and 24 hours later I replied. I didn’t know if I wanted to on Tuesday so I didn’t reply. I waited until I had a better feel of the situation and replied. This is unacceptable in 2011. The window of communication by text is under 1 hour. I remember the good old days with a landline where it might take days to get in touch with someone. Too bad for that. I should have been born in the 60’s but instead I’m stuck in the modern tech world.