I watched an X Factor performance tonight. It was the first time I’ve watched the show and I saw Astro sing “I’ll be Missing you” by Puff Daddy. Let’s not mistake that this song originates from The Police “Every Breath You Take” which is a phenomenal song off the incredible album Synchronicity. Since this is the first episode I’ve watched I’m obviously seeing the best of the best. I give Astro high marks. His personality is that of a star. He gives a performance. I think he’s like 15 and you can just see that he is fit to be take it to the next level. Labels will jump all over him even if he doesn’t win. Can he write his own songs? Probably not but he has talent so we’ll see where he goes. Obviously he won’t write his own songs but you get the point that he doesn’t have to which separates him from true artists who create their own music. Thus 9/10 tops.

I just watched Lakoda Rayne and they did some Fleetwood Mac songs. All 4 girls are definitely bangable. I agree 100% with Simon that they shouldn’t need a gimmick to win over fans. I think they were comparable to Fleetwood Mac but they are just missing that extra umph. Very good but didn’t floor me. I’d give Stevie Nix an 8 and these girls a 7.

Next was Drew (I’m starting to get a kick out of this) and she did “With or Without You” by U2. I stand her next to Bono when she sings this song. She’s no Bono. She’s a tiny 15 year old girl. The song was slow and I prefer Bono, no homo. I’d kick her off despite what Simon says. She’s boring and Bono put her to shame. There was no uptempo to her song and I wasn’t entertained. I don’t care how well you sing, I care how well you entertain.

Marcus Canty took the stage next and he sang one of my least favorites Janis Joplin. He was pretty good but the song wasn’t a good choice for him. Probably because I hate Janis but his talents were wasted. The other judges are idiots and just want his dick (Nicole and Paula) and La Reed just says he’s awesome because he’s coaching him. Simon is correct in this kid was trying to be someone he wasn’t. 8/10.