I’m watching the brand new Storage Wars episode, Driving Miss Barry, and the show has changed. Brandi just spent $6,750 dollars on a locker. Season 1 Brandi could have never spent that much money. She (and the rest of the cast) obviously were making mad money while filming this new season doing something (like signing a contract). Like I’ve written in previous posts, them becoming popular and making more money is going to change the dynamic of the show. She is looking phenomenal though. Tight stomach, pretty face and a full rack. She was wearing this great tank top too to accentuate her assets. I noticed the crowd was also bigger too for the auction but I still can’t figure out why the cast are the only people who seem like they are bidding on certain units. It’s like the outsiders are told not to get in the way of the bidding process for certain units, thus ruining the realism. The Barry part with his mother was pretty lame and I thought the bidding action wasn’t great either. Plus Barry says “my men will take care of this while I check this out.” Barry has men now? This episode wasn’t exactly knocking my socks off.

The second episode Winner Winner Chicken Dinner makes one thing abundantly clear, the show needs Dave Hester. Brandon and Darrell can’t carry a show and Brandi and Jarrod just seem like they are trying too hard to take over as the new big dogs. Dave Hester would have never let what happened happen. Their back and forth bidding was sort of stupid for one simple reason, money isn’t important to them anymore. I swear in the first few episodes Brandi and Jarrod couldn’t afford to lose. Now they don’t look at money the same way and it shows in their attitudes and bidding strategies. If they lose, they lose, they can afford it. It takes the show down a notch because the realism is gone. I still find the items interesting but I can’t help but get the feeling they are finding these items on purpose. The main problem though, THE CHARACTERS HAVE LOST THEIR IDENTITIES. They’ve turned regular folk into stars and the show is paying the price. Still watchable, but I can’t find the same enthusiasm I did when I first started. Now I just wonder if the first shows lockers were staged?