I think people who know me (and are in it) will get a kick out of this post. I’m going to go over a couple of examples of things that happen to me in my every day life and my thoughts on how I prefer to handle the situation. I think posts like this connect me to my readers locally and even though I know it’s a small segment, I think it has the potential to grow. Hopefully it becomes one of those he reads it and tells someone who tells someone who tells someone and so on. I went through a mini spaz out phase where I said I was going to discontinue this blog and the real problem is that I can’t think of any good side projects to work on, so rnningfool.com will remain for a while. To the purpose of the post.

The Shee commenting on my last post is wonderful. He took 1 minute of his time, said he liked the post in a comment, got my annoying error message and made me feel good because I wrote something even 1 person enjoyed reading. Being on this end of a blog is challenging when no one tells you they like a post. Now that could be I finally wrote a good post and he’s the only individual who ever liked a post but just a comment like that makes me want to continue doing this. Enough said on this point because I belabor it often throughout these pages.

A funny, yet interesting, set of circumstances occurred with a stand up individual that I want to point out. One of our guys didn’t play bball and Bake counted his money as part of our entrance fee. Since Bake never got it, each member of the team owed an additional 15 dollars. Now after the game Bake brought it up for the 2nd week in a row just reminding everyone. Now in his position, I know it’s annoying asking people for money. I had my wallet in my car and said I’d get the money. He said “don’t worry about.” I said “I’ll get you the money.” “Give it to me next time.” I ran to my car and gave him the money. What I’m showing here is a situation where he’s being too nice. I’m a class act (most of the time) and I don’t owe people money but when he keeps telling me to give it to him later, the cycle just continues. So I ran to my car, got the money and forced him to take it. Stupid I know but if I’m there, he’s there, I have the money, I want to give it to him, no delays and the issue is over.

Ck4 is going to own this next paragraph and it once again deals with money and payments. Ck4 and I have been effectively the closest friends for the past 7 years. I’m not necessarily sure we’d take a bullet for each other but you get the point. Neither of us ever owe each other money and we will spot each other whatever amount no matter the situation because we know we’re good for it. BUT, here’s one spot that Ck4 is going to get scalded for and rnningfool.com is teaching a life lesson. When you are living with roommates things get used up and they need to be replaced. Who should replace things is obviously a question mark. We all throw things in the trash but who should buy the trash bags? Now I’m pretty good about buying things when we run out. Ck4 is questionable. However, if I buy something that is a house item, he will 100% of the time offer to pay his share. Now this is all fine and good but here’s the point, I don’t want the money. I’d prefer if Ck4 took the responsibility of replacing something without anyone telling him to do it. Now I know how his brain works and he’d prefer to overpay for something just so he doesn’t have to do it himself. I don’t even mind pointing this out to the mass public because Ck4 and my friendship goes beyond a minor detail.

I’m saving the best for last and they won’t even know its coming. I sometimes will hear a comment a week or a month ago and sort of store it away till the time presents itself for a post. It means that any time you are around me, conversation we have can be blog material. Jess Baker invited Bud to our Halloween party and his answer struck me as unbelievable. He said “I don’t like going to parties with people I don’t know, it makes me nervous.” (He couldn’t go because he had other engagements but this was part of the conversation) This comment might strike me differently than most but I think it’s fascinating. Bud is a class act. Selfless beyond belief and I think that he might actually take a bullet for me (totally the wrong decision but he’s that kind of guy). Bud also isn’t a party animal which is where this comment comes from. I look at this comment and find it humorous because going to parties doesn’t make me nervous in the least even with strangers. I fit in with the drinking games and can pretty much befriend anyone. This situation comes normal to me but it’s foreign to him. AND HERE’S WHERE I’M STUMPED. Mr Schmidt finds going to a party nerve racking yet he has the ability to get married! For Christ’s sakes marriage scares the shit out of me. Spending your life with someone is what I can’t do. Talking to strangers, no problem. Finding someone who doesn’t get on your nerves and likes you for you. This is where I struggle. My value system is warped, my mind revolves around money, I find people annoying, I can barely take care of myself, need I go on. I just thought the comment was the polar opposite of how I see things that I thought my blog audience would find it interesting. I could go on about this topic but I’m at 1,000 words and people don’t like to read past that.