You’ll notice the post count is way off from previous months. This month has the potential of being my lowest monthly post count in a year. I was away for about a week but that really isn’t an excuse for the lack of work being put into the blog. I’ll be completely honest though, I can’t keep writing about the same things entry after entry. My life is a routine. This is part of human nature, you get yourself into something that you “enjoy” and you just keep doing it. Now that word enjoy can also be replaced by survival. I’m not going to write that I went to the gym, or I read a book, or I watched a movie. I’ve been there done that. If something is really meaningful to me than I might share it but I’m not going to post my hour by hour daily activities. I’ve basically been working a lot, exercising and living the past while to the best of my abilities. I sometimes think about stuff during the day that might make a good entry but it’s usually just one thought and it won’t be a good post. Like how I think the word maniac is funny or how I can tell if a girl is good looking just from the back of her head. I was going to write an entry on how the female news anchors for some of these cable stock shows are super hot. I actually just spent 15 minutes trying to find this one that I thought looked amazing with these bangs (I’ll post below but she doesn’t have the bangs which was really the deal breaker). I’ve been writing about this same stuff for years now and I’m just trying to be as original as I can and that is taking away from my entry’s.

The only thing of any importance that I have to write about is that as I keep getting older, at least I keep thinking I’m getting smarter. The amount of songs I’ve listened to, movies I’ve watched, things I’ve done. I keep expanding my brain with knowledge and this in turn gives me the ability to form better opinions. I also feel like it gives me better perspective when I judge other people. I really think I’m a good people person and can get a pretty good grasp on what they are about in just a few times spending time with them. I feel like at 27 I know more about life than I did at say 21. I’m not really sure how that’s benefiting me but I would say I’m growing as a person. That’s why I can’t understand how people get married at such a young age because it’s hard enough understanding yourself, let alone another person. The title of this post is from Workaholics.

Dagen McDowell (sans bangs)