I’m typing this at a place that’s better than you. I’m in FT Lauderdale overlooking the ocean on a dock that has multi-million dollar yachts. I’m coming from a place that is one of the worst places on Earth. I was not a fan of Atlanta. I was wandering around downtown and stumbled into the “underground”. Needless to say I was the only white person in the area and I stuck out like a sore thumb. I had multiple people ask me “if I was good?” I was ready to sprint on a moments notice. Atlanta just isn’t a nice place. I walked Centennial Park, saw the Aquarium and World of Coca Cola but I wouldn’t want to vacation there. Currently I’m in a place I would like to vacation. This is Ft. Lauderdale. The weather is great, the girls are skinny with big breasts, and I would really like to live here. If I had enough money I would buy a place in FL. This is a vacation of sorts, so I’m going to enjoy it and not feel guilty about not being at work. This is what its all about. No more sitting at a desk pushing papers.