I know much how Laura loves these football posts. I’ll start with how Primetime performed in the Manayunk sport and social league. We had a double header that started with a game against a team that was supposedly 2-0. Baker at the helm moved the ball on the first possession for a TD and the team never really looked back. Bake was spreading the ball nicely to different targets like Kope, Ck4, Jkash and Gusto for gains. The defense wasn’t especially good but this team wasn’t either. I’m not sure what the final score ended up being but it was a bloodbath. An interesting injury during the game was when Anna deflected a ball with her hand and it ended up bending the finger backward. I heard it wasn’t pretty but I never got a good look. *Here’s a good look.

The 2nd game was a little closer than it should have been. Kope had 2 really nice picks to start off and that brought his season total to 4. Big Steve also recorded the first sack of the season towards the end. The game got to a 1 score game after they caught our defense sleeping on a female play where they used the girl as the QB and surprised us. On a big 3rd down play, Bake through a great pass to Kope who got it down to the one yard line. Barring any mistakes, this game was wrapped up. HOWEVER, Bake forced a pass to Kope and it ended up being bounced up and picked. This gave the other team a chance to score with :33 seconds. They failed and we won the game by a score to improve to 2-0 and well on our way to defending the championship.

My fantasy games are basically over and I will go 3-2 this week. Kenny Britt going down will effect my future but this was a pretty good week for me in terms of scoring. I picked Gronkowski off of basically every waiver wire and am reaping some benefits. I also have RUN DMC, Calvin and Wes Welker on a couple of teams so this week bumps my scores nicely. I will lose at the hands of a Schmidt for the 2nd time in a game that I put up an average score but just got beat by a team that couldn’t miss. 3 of my other games were me putting on a complete beating. I scored the most points (so far) in 2 of the leagues for weekly totals and pretty much never trailed. The other game I lost is with a team I think is good but just can’t seem to score enough points. I don’t mind losing in games when my guys do well and I just get beat. But games that my team puts up a stinker make me feel like I’m mismanaging. I’ll be 3-0 in one league, 2-1 in 2 leagues, and 1-2 in two. With Britt going down, two of my 6 stars this year are going to be injured (Charles and Britt) for possibly the season. Miles won’t play this week and Roddy, Run DMC and Jimmy Graham are all making me right so far. Britt and Austin were 1-2 in receiving points coming into this week and McFadden will lead all rushers after this week. Ok, Laura, I’m sure you didn’t read this far but this post is over.