I want to go over how bad Happy Madison, Adam Sandler’s production company, has become. I watched Grown Ups last night and this was the biggest piece of turd I have ever seen. Talk about not funny one liners being the entire plot of a movie that tries incredibly hard to be funny. When you try too hard, it becomes not funny. Add in a bunch of actors past their prime and you have a complete toilet of a movie. David Spade is so lame in this movie that I felt bad for his life. Aside from Tommy Boy, he’s never been good. Rob Schneider isn’t funny and making his character eccentric doesn’t make it funny. Chris Rock is the least athletic black guy ever. I couldn’t find a laugh in this entire flick. I would usually let one Sandler movie slide because he’s becoming an icon but after further review, Happy Madison doesn’t make funny/good movies. It’s the same old shtick but 10 years after it was first funny, it’s just not anymore. This was the most boring movie I’ve seen in a long time and creating this blog entry doesn’t let enough people know how shitty his career is turning. Let me go through a few of “Happy Madison” productions in the past few years:

Paul Blart – Mall Cop
The House Bunny
You Don’t Mess with the Zohan
I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry (Jessica Biel Bra Scene, Yes Please!)
Click (Sam cried)
Anger Management
Joe Dirt
The Animal
Little Nicky
The Hot Chick
Deuce Bigalow

I left out Mr Deeds, Benchwarmers and Grandma’s Boy because I liked them but there are still another 10 shitty movies on that list. Happy Madison doesn’t create good movies. They are a marketing machine that takes your money and does a half ass job making movies. Adam Sandler wasn’t always bad but he progressively got worse as he got more famous. Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore set the stage. The Wedding Singer and the Waterboy fell off a bit but Big Daddy might have been the pinnacle. After Big Daddy came the creation of Happy Madison and that was it. No more plots, no more story, just stupid ideas to try to make people laugh. It became about the money at that point. Adam Sandler, I’ve made fun of your ugly kids in the past and now I’m dogging on your production company. Nothing against you bro, but these movies are half ass and awful.