Edit *The picture of this can is old and the new one is much better looking with one cherry and a dark blue / red mixture. Pretty plain but better than the picture here.

Ordinary coke doesn’t thrill me. The only time I order coke is when I’m too lazy to make the person I’m ordering from go through the choices. Rarely will I purchase just a coke because I want it. However, I have a different level of acceptance for Cherry Coke. When I order this one combo for lunch it comes with a free soda and I will always choose Cherry Coke. Now, just the other day I was in CVS and decided to buy a 12 pack of cans of my favorite soda, Cherry Coke. Naturally they are out of but had Wild Cherry Pepsi which I begrudgingly purchased. As the case with many things I do in life, the results have found their way to my blog.

Cherry Coke >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Wild Cherry Pepsi. Now the taste is virtually the same but Cherry Coke has significant mental advantages. The Coke can gives me that cherry feeling. The red is the main color and I’m being overcome with cherries over the city landscape. It makes me associate the cherry flavor with coke which is something that brings me joy. The nice calligraphy of the letters make me feel like I’m drinking something fancy. Pepsi has this blue swirl thing going on and it doesn’t make me think cherry. It makes me think of hypnosis and how I’m trying to be brainwashed into drinking their soda. Also what’s the deal with “Wild?” Why is the Pepsi wild? Is it off its lease? Is it going to do something I’m not expecting? It just gives me the creeps. Cherry Coke also has the edge in taste by a cunt hair. For some reason the Pepsi has a funny after taste that makes me think about why it tastes funny every time I sip it. And the #1 reason why I prefer Coke over Pepsi, it sounds better. The C-C flows of the tongue whereas I have a C-P which just seems wrong. If anyone from either company reads this I think I’m giving some fine feedback on which product I prefer from a marketing standpoint. Pepsi should change all their products to double P’s. Pepsi Punch, Pineapple Pepsi, or my personal favorite Popular Pepsi. You’d drink it because it’s popular. How do you know it’s popular? It tells you. It’s not surprising to me that Pepsi is continually losing market share to Coke. If Pepsi started with the slogan, try our Popular Pepsi Products, it would turn the tides. Anyone else a Cherry Coke fan?