34,466 people have been to this website in the 2+ years since its creation. 67.78% of people bounce from this site. Average time on the site is just under a minute. These numbers don’t mean a thing when I have to consider what people actually think of this site. I wrote about the tiny space between the seat of a car yesterday. This isn’t exactly ground breaking material. I don’t know if people out there read that entry and think wtf or people actually think it’s entertaining. It’s somewhat obvious that at least someone out there reads what I write considering the scale of the numbers. Now what they think about what I write is a different story.

I can only tell you how I think when I’m interacting with websites. I don’t. I might give a like to a video on youtube or comment on the off topic pocketfives forum, or a facebook status update every full moon. When I browse the web I want to come and go as I please. I can’t be getting stopped by speed bumps like commenting, ads or unwanted videos. So I understand that most people don’t feel the urge to comment, I’m the same way. I just have a difficult time writing about things that people want to read about without any idea what they want to read about. When I random person googles something and my site comes up, what is going to get them to my site and keep reading? Probably not an entry like this.

I wonder if my audience judges me on these entry’s. Do you take this seriously? Is everything I write a hint at what I’m like as a person? It’s questions like these that make this type of a website challenging to maintain. For people who know me, I can see why you’d visit this site because you could be involved in my life on a real life basis and maybe I’ll mention something you’re familiar with. But considering most people probably don’t know me, how do I make them read this material and than decide to continue visiting it. I’d have to be a seriously interesting person to make them come back. I’m not. So I’ll continue writing about car seats, Storage Wars, fantasy football and the current book that I’m reading. I’m not sure if my goal is to create celebrity status but I think the answer will eventually come. One of these times I’ll write some improbable post about something stupid and it will be brilliant. I think that’s what I’m shooting for.