No this has nothing to do with Elton John however this will be a music post. One of the funniest things that happens to people is that they think they own a song that they “discovered”. For some reason there is a sense of pride being the first of your group to find a song or classify a song as popular. It’s like you are looking for the acceptance that you are the guru behind knowing what songs are going to be popular before they are really popular. Now this doesn’t really make any sense because if the radio is playing them, the song has already been deemed as worthy to be played on the radio. I think the truly humorous part is that the person feels like they take possession of the song, that it’s their song. How dare you listen to their song without recognizing that they discovered it. Things really get crazy when two people discover the same song and then it becomes a duel of epic proportions. Myself, I have understood that the only person who owns the song is the person who writes and sings it. Sharing a song with people is perfectly acceptable under the pretense that everyone is allowed to enjoy it without giving you credit for the song. Here is a song by Snow Patrol called Calling out in the Dark that is relatively new and I discovered it before Snow Patrol even wrote it. Enjoy.