I’m not nearly as good as I think I am at fantasy football but I still have my own theories on what makes a player good. I have to laugh when I hear people before the season begins telling me how good a guy like Benjarvus Green-Ellis or Mark Ingram will be. The key to good fantasy players is carries and targets. It’s what makes an average back like Cedric Benson (25 carries) a must start. Now take a guy like the “law firm” and notice he only had 7 carries with Danny Woodhead getting 14. You just can’t play Benjarvus if that’s all the carries he’ll get. Javhid Best had 20+ carries this week and as long as he stays healthy looks like a decent back. A line like 20 carries for 40 yards is way more appealing to me than a guy who had 5 carries for 60 yards. Consistency is key to fantasy football. Guys who put up donuts will lose you football games. Guys like Benson who touch the ball that many times are going to be more consistent even in their bad weeks. Targets are the same idea. Receptions are a good indicator of how often a receiver gets the ball but a target is more important because it shows how much the QB is looking in his direction. This is why Steve Smith was a good pick because the pre-season report was saying how often Cam was looking to give him the ball. This is just my advice to try to find consistency. A guy like DeSean seems like a good fantasy player but he’ll have 3 catches for 150 yards some games and 0 catches other games. Wes Welker consistently catches 5+ passes for yards and TD’s. Consistency is the key to winning and if you want a fair evaluation of how good your back might be, look at how many times he’s touching the ball.