I didn’t go out at all this weekend and pretty much just did nothing of much interest. I paid 5 bucks for True Grit which I found pretty slow and boring. I actually fell asleep at the end and turned it off without really caring what happened which is unusual for me. I woke up on Saturday and went golfing with the Shee at Shannondell which is found in Valley Forge. Neither of us played particularly well and I chalk this up to playing down to the course. At 49 dollars this price was a bit steep for its value. After that we played some mini golf with the Wevs who was back in town and I once again reigned supreme at Mini Golf. After a big win down the shore vs Bake, I came back against the Cohens like nothing had changed. After that Shee and I went to Harrah’s which I documented earlier. I went to sleep early on Saturday and woke up early on Sunday. I’m just about the 3rd book of Game of Thrones which has been occupying my time. I also started Mad Men which is fairly interesting.

Obviously Sunday is fantasy football so I will add a few thoughts. I’m in 5 leagues this year and it looks like I will go 2-3. I beat the poop out of Evan with a Stafford, Calvin and Kenny Britt combo. Gusto is going to lose to me because I had Steve Smith and Calvin against him. Bill Schmidt laid the smackdown on me and even though I probably will finish with the 2nd highest point total for the week, a loss is a loss. Those were my Yahoo leagues, all of which were good showings. My two in ESPN were a complete debacle. Mendenhall, the Chiefs D and Vincent Jackson all let me down in the one league and the other was a no show by Chris Johnson, Owen Daniels and not playing Steve Smith. I still have a shot but 4 guys totaling 70 points is unlikely. I was pretty happy with my teams though and think that this is only one week of a long season.